What is BeliJer?

1) What is BeliJer ?

We are an Online Grocery Platform, where you can do your groceries online within a few clicks, and get them delivered!

2) Whu us ?

We are obliged to serve our customers to their fullest satisfaction. Here are reasons why you should use us.


We get our stock directly from the relevant party. Customers no longer bare the cost of multiple sales channel. We are confident that our prices will be LOWER if not on-par with market prices!

 Time Saving and Convenient

You no longer have to QUEUE UP with MASSIVE CROWD at the counter. Be it self-check-out counter or human counter. You get to spend your quality time however you wish!

Doorstep Delivery

No longer should anyone do their groceries in stall. No more heavy lifting for our beloved ones. With us, your goods get delivered to you without leaving home!


We treat customer feedback very seriously! Do reach out to us at or +6069510888 and our team will assist you fully.

1. How do I shop ?

  • Search or Select your items
  • Add your item into your Shopping Cart
  • Choose a Timeslot
  • Enter Payment Details
  • Sit back and Relax

2. Registration

Signing up an account enables us to serve you with better quality. It helps improve your experience with us.

3. Booking Delivery

Pick a which best fit your time. Currently, we provide a 2-hour time slot for all our customers. All booking starts at 9am and ends at 9pm everyday(Including Sundays). Bookings after 9pm will be proceed to the next working day.

4. Payment

Our website accepts both Online Payment and Cash. From Visa-Debit to Credit-Card. Pick whichever payment method you prefer!

5. Cancelling or Changing Delivery

You can change your delivery date by contacting us at or +6069510888. But delivery changes on the delivery date will not be entertained.

6. Checking Delivery Time

Login to your account and tap-in the MY ORDERS tab. You will be able to get all your order info including delivery time.

7. My Favourites

This list consists of items that you have marked as favourite.

8. Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy

You can read our Terms Of Use by clicking here.

Click here to read our privacy policy.

9. eCoupon

Bonus or Discounts can be activated by utilizing your eCoupon at the check-out section.